Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nick and Jesse, downtown and Bridal Veil Lakes

If I could sum up this wedding, this couple and their bridal party in one word, it would be FUN! Their vows were a take off of Dr. Suess's "Green Eggs and Ham", the bride sported Chuck Taylors, and her and her bridesmaids performed a choreographed dance for her new hubby! So I knew it was important to convey some lightheartedness and spontaneity in their photos. We started the day downtown, shooting by the Portland sign, the Schnitz, the Eastside Esplanade and we made our way to Bridal Veil Lakes. I had such diverse backgrounds between downtown, the waterfront and Bridal Veil Lakes! It was such a unique wedding, with the couples personal touches on everything! Thanks for such a good time guys! I truly enjoyed your wedding and working with you both! Have fun in Maui!!!!


  1. These are some of the best wedding pictures I have ever seen! Just amazing!

    -Ari A.k.A Maid of Honor

  2. Thanks so much Ari!!! I had so much fun!!

  3. Oh my lord these are absolutely fabulous!!!! Such an amazing time and such an amazing couple. Thank you so much for these great pictures!

    Erienne a.k.a. crazy bridesmaid : )