Friday, August 20, 2010

Jason and Erin, August 7th 2010 at the beach

I never grew up in a small town. I’ve lived in small towns but never grew up in one. I got a small taste of that close knit community earlier in the fall last year when I shot their engagement session. No place was out of bounds as Jason pretty much knew everyone. Driving by, I saw a lot of waves and smiles from neighbors and best friends. Driving to the coast the weather was looking great. It was cloudy! Cloudy is great, like having a big soft box in the sky so skin tones and shadows are even. I was also excited about their getaway car which was a Model A Ford, so classic. I had a great time with their engagement session and was looking forward to the wedding. Arriving at the church the room where the girls were getting ready at was a buzz with excitement. Turns out that Erin’s brother got married at the same church so now it was a tradition. Erin and Jason were so relaxed when the photos were being taken and I could tell that they were so happy. A specific instance where Jason’s daughter came up to him and gave him a big hug melted hearts all around me. The reception was great as well and it seemed like half the town was there. It was a great night!

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