Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kay and Seth, August 28th, Carter Vineyard wedding

Ah - once in a while a couple wanders into a photographer's life sent from the sky above!!

Kay and Seth are one such couple.

The wedding took place at Canary Hill Vineyard in Salem with the reception at Carter Vineyards. I've loved these guys since the engagement session earlier in the year and their wedding was great fun! When Seth mentioned they wanted to have fun with olde time shots with pitch forks and axes, I knew we'd be in for a great afternoon!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Kelly & AJ, Mt Hood B&B, 8/21/10

Kelly and Aj started off their day at The Columbia Gorge Hotel for some
private "couple" pictures. We then headed off to
Mt Hood B&B to get them
married! We were surprised to find the weather was not on our side, though
it did not rain we were dealing with gray skies and cold windy weather.
Luckly Mt Hood was not clouded over and continued to be the gorgeous
backdrop throughout the night. And boy what a night it was, more cold,
more wind and a whole lot of dancing! Congrats you two...I am so excited
for you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jenni & Dave, Vista Hills 8/9/10

What more can I say guys?!... This wedding rocked Vista Hills style :) Jenny and Dave... you are simply AWESOME together! Jenny wasn't really comfortable with the idea of having to look in to the barrel of a Canon lens until I politely asked her to drink a glass of red. From here, we were smooth sailing and bu taking a look at this pictures you can see that they both were made for the lens! Thanks for sharing your special day with us and I can't wait to show you all the images in the coming weeks!

Charissa & Casey August 7 Oregon Golf Club

These guys tied-the-knot at the Oregon Golf Club. I know from our initial meetup that C+C were up for a good time and I can tell you thats exactly what we had from the moment I arrived and began shooting! We had a stellar day, managed some awesome pics with a Bride and Groom that were ready for just about anything we threw at them and the bridal party :) Thanks again for an awesome day and look forward to catching up soon!