Sunday, August 22, 2010

Natalie and Mike, August 13th 2010

I have to admit, I was a little warm this wedding day. Walking to the guys room I did work up a little sweat but as soon as I stepped into the guys room I knew I had nothing to complain about. Mike and two other groomsmen had military backgrounds and were in full dress. I stood there in amazement as they put on what seemed like layer after layer of clothing. They meticulously buckled things and clipped things etc, etc. I couldn’t imagine wearing all that stuff with it being so hot. Taking in the conversation in the room I knew that this group of guys knew how to have a good time. Moving to the girls room I noticed that Natalie’s dress was beautiful. Gina, Natalie’s mom was more than willing to help and was so nice. There were plenty of fan holders trying to keep the bride cool. The great thing about Edgefield is that there are great spaces close by when time is an issue. Not only were some of the guys in uniform, so was Mike’s dad who wore his dress police uniform. The ceremony was heartfelt and tears and laughter was a common occurrence. We definitely had some fun after the ceremony during the bridal party formals. I got to sit with the guys during dinner and it was pretty awesome. The photography fun, for me, came when I got a chance to take the couple out and do some night shots. It was so much fun to shoot this wedding and to be around the guests.

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