Sunday, August 22, 2010

Andy and Ivy.....Married

A couple of months ago I posted some photos of this great couple. They decided to do their formals before the wedding day to save time and to allow them to take the time to get some really great shots. The session went great! Coming up on the day and meeting with them I knew that the wedding day was going to be an adventure filled with great moments challenging my stamina as we were starting at 7 am and ending around 10 pm. I love cultural weddings because the colors are great and it is a true celebration from both sides of the families. I especially love the morning ceremonies, even the ones at 7 in the morning. The pageantry of the initial ceremony where the groom goes to her father’s house is awesome. Even though I rarely can understand what is being said, I’ve been to enough to get the context of what is going on. Ceremony then back to the groom’s house for another then off to the church for another then to the park then to the Wong’s King for the reception to cap it off. It’s a whirlwind tour but every time I photograph one I feel more energized and look forward to the next one. My favorite shot of the whole day is the one of Ivy sitting down on the stairway. The light coming from the window was amazing and her dress took advantage of every particle of light that was given. It was a simple photo but I think it’s my favorite of the season so far.


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