Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pamela and Chris, 9/4/10 Surfsand Resort: "Oh yes we did!"

Weddings at the coast are always a gamble. Especially in September, but Chris and Pamela had the stars align for them because, well, because they are that good. Their wedding was at the Surfsand Resort at Cannon Beach home of the famous “Goonies” rocks or as we locals call it, Haystack Rock. It was such a glorious day with puffy clouds and sunny skies. Walking to Pamela’s room, I could hear the laughter from across the parking lot. Laughter is good, in my book. Walking in I was inundated with laughter and bridesmaids and music and quite frankly a good time was brewing. I got there a little before Pamela did but when she arrived she didn’t skip a beat. She joined in the revelry as someone passed her a wine glass almost like when a runner gets some water from one of those…you know…water people. The culmination of the planning was about to come to head and the process of a romance that started in Chicago, flourished in two states was about to celebrate it’s first milestone. The excitement of all that was resonating all over her face. Meeting with her a couple of times before, I knew she was game for anything but even I was a little surprised when she agreed to let me hang her wedding dress in the middle of the beach. After those shots I made my way to Chris’ room where expectedly the UCLA game was on, after all he and a lot of the groomsmen were proud Bruins. As calm as can be Chris and his guys got ready while I explained what I had in store for him as we were about to have him and Pamela see each other for the first time that day.

OK, back to the brides room where the dress was put on, the make-up was checked and the celebration was at full swing. The photos on the beach were incredible with the rocks in the background and the blue sky up above. Later on we took a little stroll with the couple on the beach at sunset and the sunset was..awesomely awesome. After it was all said and done, goodbyes were said and hugs were given but my excitement was still lingering as I couldn’t wait to see the images. Note to self, viewing images on laptop and driving is not conducive to a speedy return home. I wonder if they’ll make one of those Allstate “Mayhem” commercials for photographers.

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