Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kris and Karen, August 29, 2010 at Hood View Church

Taking place at Hood View Church, one of the things said that stood out for me during this wedding wasn’t when the girls getting ready or during the best people speeches. It was when Karen’s father gave away his daughter. When asked who would give this woman away, he said, “With honor, her mother and I do”. The words were important but it was the tone and absoluteness of his voice. Weddings sometimes become muddied with this and that, trinket here, issues there but at the base of all of this is the love between two people and the joining of their families. I could tell by the tone of his voice that Karen’s father and family fully and whole heartedly accepted Kris and his family into theirs. With the emotions shown during the ceremony, this was truly a happy and exciting event. It was a true family and friends wedding where people who were important in both their lives were directly involved in the wedding. It was such a great communal celebration. There were definitely some humorous spots during the day. Karen and her Dad arrived at the ceremony via a golf cart and that’s how Kris and his new bride exited. A practiced kiss with a dip caught everyone by surprise and was met with raucous applause. Fittingly during the reception, Karen’s brother and his girlfriend caught the bouquet and garter. Karen’s brother rallied to overcome tall odds, literally with a guy that bested him by a couple of inches. It was a great day and a fitting start to a new family. Congrats guys!

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