Monday, September 6, 2010

Bethe + Isaac Summer House (7/24/10)

Bethe and Isaac's wedding was SO much fun. We met up at Summer House Weddings, a repurposed private residence in Gresham. I'd not been there before and I was really impressed at what they have tucked away just off the street. Bethe and Isaac have simply great chemistry together, both of them were so laid back the whole day -- just taking in all the good times with friends and family -- amazing. As the sun got low into the sky into the evening I was able to steal the two of them away for a few minutes to chase that golden light. We managed to catch a few shots in front of the house before the sun dipped below a western tree line, it worked great! Also, there were rubber ducky cake table decorations. Could the day have gotten any better? Don't think so.

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