Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Double Oh Seven?......Maybe

I get a call from Andy about a month or so before the engagement session is scheduled. Having a cultural wedding, Andy and Ivy decided to take their bridal formals in lieu of their engagement session. I was definitely ok with that because if there is one thing photographers love is more time with their subject! About two weeks later I get an email from Andy wondering if we could take their formals at the Governor Hotel. Having shot countless weddings there I was really excited about all the possiblities and all the places we could go. Then I realized something and began to ponder, "Wait, you have never shot there when there wasn't a wedding, how would you gain access to all these wonderful places?". How would I indeed. I then realized that help was just an email away and Nora from Bridal Bliss had the people I should contact who had the names of the people I should contact. Everything was all set. It was funny because throughout the session many a passerby were congratulating the couple but you could see the confusion on their faces. After all, it was a Tuesday.

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